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First, let me use a quick analogy. If you are detailing your car, you wouldn't think the job was complete until you apply a good coat of wax. Why? The wax provides a great finish. It protects. It shines.  And, most of all, it visually makes your car look awesome.

This analogy can be easily paralleled to retouching your photographs. A great photograph can be made exceptional by using a professional retoucher...someone to put that final 'polish' on your photograph.

As part of my service to you, I always perform light retouching edits.  However, in most cases, I highly recommend adding photo retouching to your session.  I use a professional editor to make these high impact changes to your portraits.

It's a cost effective way to finish your top photo choices. Typically, my clients choose to retouch 10-20 of their favorites and typically spend around $5.00 per image.

Services include: Blemish removal, skin softening, whitening teeth & eyes, softening of eye bags, stray hair removal, eyeglass glare removal, braces removal, tattoo removal, strap/tan line removal, removing objects, and more.

See the before and after examples below by sliding left and right. The difference can range from subtle to drastic, but I never want to cross the line to 'fake plastic-looking' skin. My goal is to retain your skin texture and uniqueness while giving your portrait the extra 'pop' it deserves.

Let's talk about your photo request!

Below:  Color correction, general skin clean up, stray hair removal, thinning eyebrow, shirt coloring around neckline

Below:  Moderate blemish removal, and general skin clean up

Below:  Light blemish removal and skin enhancement

Below:  Object removal, removing the park bench beside her head.

Below: More aggressive blemish removal and color correction.

Below:  Light skin clean up, removing sun spots and minimal smoothing.

Below:  Background extended (on far right side)

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